Last summer I worked for two months as a tour leader for an outdoor & active organization in Croatia and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the stunning nature – the o, so beautiful and warm sea – the endless sun and the guests and people who came along with it. I’ve practiced paragliding – abseiling – sup boarding – speleology – mountain biking – kayaking – wild camping – diving – and I wasn’t always good in it.

Working as a tour leader gives you the opportunity to experience a country and to travel in a totally different way. Sea kayaking with only a few things and a tent for 6 days on a row with a distance of 112 km – camping on unoccupied – swimming with a dolphin and mountain biking in 40 degrees – wasn’t what I expected to do or even be able to do it. And that was just the great part of it.
Of course, there are many different kinds of tour leaders. You can be a tour leader where you only receive guests at their location and give them some information – bring them to their hotel and that’s it. You can also work as a tour leader for singles – children or families. Or you can work as a tour leader in your own city and provide a small tour throughout it. Think and decide what kind of tour leading will fit you the most and start searching for it on google. If you’d like to work in the summer of 2016 or in autumn, then this is THE time to apply!

With this short travel movie of Croatia, you’ll get an impression of how it would be to work as a tour leader in an active organization. Or, how it would be to be a part of the group as a participant. Sit back, dream away and be inspired!


 Made & filmed by

Live the travel // Silke Peulen


2.55 MIN

Music by

Parov Stelar – The sun


Go Pro



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Film & photography:
Live the travel / Silke Peulen

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