Are you a conscious person who cares? Are you a dreamer, a doer, an innovator?
Do you like to write, rhyme, draw, make music, photograph, film or something else fun?

Did you experience an – off the grid – travel or a life-changing experience you wish to share? Are you planning something extraordinary or do you have the best realization ever?

Do you know a lot about something ‘special’ which fit the profile of Live the travel? Think of astrology, gemstones, meditation, outdoor or travel equipment, naturopathy and so on..

Do you have a cool, fair trade, green and sustainable products or enterprise which you would like to announce more? Or do you have a special event coming up?

Does one of these things appeal to you (or do you think – well, I have something much better!), then feel free to join the community of Live the travel and become a creator! This is thé place to share your content.
It’s free. There are no obligations. It’s just love.

Go small, go wild, think outside the box – it can’t be simple or crazy enough.

Help the community grow and let’s live the travel together!

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