YES! It’s wintertime and that means, for lots of people, that its time to hit the slopes!
I absolutely love snowboarding. The last two wintersports seasons I’ve been working in the alps as a chalet host. Read here why you should definitely work in a chalet.

The most important reason for me is that I can snowboard an entire season. After a couple of seasons observing other wintersports lovers, I would like, to sum up 5 things that happen on the slopes that should change right away. At least, in my opinion. Do you agree?

1 Scratching each others kit

I bet you know this feeling – a brand-new kit – a new board or a new pair of skis – just that happy and excited feeling of riding it and then – your first big scratch and not even by your own mistake – but by others!
This is extremely annoying and you can literately punch someone in the face when something like that happens to you (at least, I can). It often happens to me when I’m at a busy slope – at a restaurant – or in a lift with someone else (and sorry, mostly skiers) scratch my board – quite hard. The worst part of it – not even saying sorry for it. It’s because skiers have lots of stuff – sticks – iron shoes and long skies that these kinds of things happen more often from skiers to snowboarders, than a snowboarder – with soft shoes and only one board to take care of – scratch a skiers kit.
Besides all of that, most people seem to rent their equipment instead of bringing their own. So why do you care if it gets scratched or damage others? whatever.
The same with stalling your board – people – also boarders – just throw their stuff in the stands without even looking after it.
I say that this should change right away. Be careful with someone else equipment and if it happens by accident – just apologize. Easy.

2 Not looking back when you bumped someone over

In high season or in busy weeks – the pistes are filled with people and everyone wants their own fun – so why don’t we do it together? It happened to me a few times and I also saw it happening to others that someone just bumped someone else over without even looking back. How could you?
If you know that you did this to someone else – then shame on you!
I also know that some people even fight over it – just enjoy your holiday and be respectful to others. Don’t knock someone else over on purpose and again – just apologize and check if the other is okay when something happens like that.

3 Snowboarders versus skiers hate-affair

Everybody is aware of the skiers versus snowboarders hate affair. In general – skiers are annoyed by snowboarders and snowboarders are annoyed by skiers and most of the reasons are above. Skiers think that snowboarders are making a frustration sound and that they are slow – but at the same time lots of ski types are making the same noise and there are a lot of fast snowboarders and a lot of slow skiers. So that said – just practice your love and let the other love theirs.

4 Snowboard unfriendly lifts & slopes

Because skiing has a much longer history than snowboarding, all the pistes and lifts are based on skiers. Almost all the lifts and some slopes (as you can see below) are snowboard unfriendly – it is doable but I think that they should invent snowboard friendly lifts. Agree?

5 The awful carnival outfits

I’m sorry for the ones who are wearing carnival outfits or the animal heads on the slopes, but in my opinion, you may only wear these for the following circumstances:
– If it is carnivals week (Dutch)
– If there is a party / après-ski
– If you’re a child
– If you’re a lunatic
– If it’s your birthday

Do you agree or disagree? Or can you supplement this list?
Share your thoughts below!



Photography & content:
Live the travel / Silke Peulen

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