It never crossed my mind to live in a van, but when the possibility was there – it was a dream that had come to life.
I traveled southern Europe with my lover for over 6 months. And oh boy, I will never forget and regret this experience. Would living in a van be something for you? Figure it out with these 15 reasons below, based on my own experiences.

1 You get to live in an extraordinary adventurous way and you can go wherever you want to go.

Or you need to fix some things first before you can even go somewhere. That lovely van is getting old and is not always running on his own power anymore

2 You get to sleep at the most beautiful places and it’s all for free.

Even the most expensive hotels can’t compare to these places – like sleeping on a cliff under the full moon and bright stars which are reflecting into the mysterious sea. Bonus: its all yours!

3 You meet some interesting people.

Even in the middle of nowhere – high in the mountains where you end up making music around a campfire.

4 Every night you can go out for dinner

You will have to cook it first on your tiny griddle, but hey – before you know it your dinner might be gone by the foxes you just met.

5 You can go surf everywhere you want and you will be the first one on the best spot.

No more hitchhiking to get to a better spot – instead, you will get other hitchhikers who want to come along with you and end up hanging around with you for a couple of days. Or weeks..

6 You sleep like a baby because of the soft animal sounds or the meditative sounds of the sea.

Or you sleep like hell because you were forced to make a night-stop at a parking place and the truck noises are just too hard to handle.

7 You can turn your van into your best artwork.

Turn it into a flower power van or whatever you want to turn it into. Go get that paint and be creative.
Read also this article: DIY – how to turn your van into your best artwork.

8 Everywhere you go you look and feel awesome. Not to forget, that great feeling of freedom.

And before you even noticed you are waving like a queen on the road.

9 You can shower at the beaches – all naked where nobody can see you.

Or there are no showers and you will need to wait for at least one week before you find one.

10 You can take more with you than just one bag of 23 kilos.

Finally, you don’t need to think about the maximum luggage in airplanes. No, this time you can bring a lot;
surfboards – longboards – guitars – your music installation – your entire closet.

11 You really live ,into the wild’ like we used to do (far back in the days).

Let it all flow baby! But shitting, really..?

12 You live anywhere at anytime you want.

Except during wintertime, then it’s really cold. Even with your thickest clothes – candles – a hot water bottle.. it stays cold.

13 You can even grow your own herbs, veggies, flowers..

Which doesn’t match the fact that your van isn’t running on water, driving a (gasoline)van is so damn polluting.

14 You can travel with your lover and/or your friends and have the best trip of your life.

Like driving hours and hours to find that rave party.

15 Living in a van is super cozy and romantic.

Sometimes that cozy that you can’t turn yourself without constantly bruising parts of your body.

Would living in a van be something for you? Do you live or have you lived in a van before?
Share your thoughts below!

Love, peace, and hippieness!



Photography & content:
Live the travel / Silke Peulen

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