These following 10 – more unknown and breathtaking – mountains I would love to meet one day. Are you with me?

1 Tianzi Mountains | China

China is full of stunning surprises and has incredible mountains. Think of Tibet & the yellow mountains for example – But did you know the Tianzi Mountains already?
These mountains are still the more unknown – yet incredible mountains in the world. My wanderlust is on its highest peak with these mysterious forms and dreamy landscapes.

2 Mountains of | Patagonia

Patagonia – the end of the world – a land of wonders and also known as earth’s secret paradise. At the end of South America – faced towards Antartica – there is Patagonia: a place for adventure seekers – outdoor people – nature lovers & of course, beautiful challenging mountains.

3 The mountains of | Norway

Norway – the land of trolls and a place of some well-known mountains. But, Norway has so much more to offer and to shown. Just take a look and you’ll see what I mean

4 Altai Mountains | Siberia

Have you ever heard of the Altai Mountains?
They are also known as Golden Mountains and reaches over Siberia – Kazakhstan -Mongolia and China. A big part of the Golden Mountains is UNESCO World Heritage and is still very pure & untouched by tourism. It’s a diverse terrain of beautiful mountains – nature – wildlife and a low inhabited local mountain life. The Altai Republic of Russia is slowly opening for tourism, but for so far – the Altai Mountains are still quite unknown.

5 K2 Mountain | Pakistan

The K2 Mountain is nowadays quite famous – especially under climbers – but was unknown for a really long time, ironically enough.
Only in 1856 this mountain deserved his name while they find out that this is the highest mountain of the world after the Mount Everest. They didn’t know earlier because the locals haven’t seen this mountain before..
[again: it’s the world second highest mountain!

6 Mountains of | Greenland

Greenland: the world’s largest island – a land of icebergs – whales – wildlife – northern light – hot springs – ice fjords & also these beautiful mountains.

7 Mount Roraima | Border of Brazil & Venezuela

Mount Roraima is located at the border of Venezuela – Brazil and Guyana & is the highest table mountain of the world. Mount Roraima is exactly at the height of the clouds and makes this mountain looks even more unbelievable.

8 Mountains of | New Zealand

New Zealand – fantasy landscapes and mountains from Lord of the Rings – a big diversity of flora and fauna & mountains to hike – bike or board.

9 Mountains of | The Himalayas

Well known, but they can’t miss: The Himalayas!

10 Mountains of| Iceland

Volcanos – table-top mountains – fjords – glaciers – magical landscapes and some famous and unknown, fascinating mountain. This video shows more than I can possibly tell.

So dear dreamer – how strong does your wanderlust feels now?
Have you been to one of them and would you recommend it?
Can you supplement this list and do you know more ‘unknown’ stunning mountains?
Share your thoughts below!



All photos are not mine and belong to the original owner.
Live the travel / Silke Peulen

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